Android O SDK available - Update required to ensure app stability


Google’s new operating system, Android O, is rolling out later this summer. If you are updating your app at all for Android O, you must update your Urban Airship SDK to version 8.7.

Failure to update your app will result in application crashes.

This warning applies only if/when you update your app with a build target of Android O and re-release it to the Google Play Store. Apps targeting previous versions will be backwards-compatible and continue to function on Android O.

With Android O, Google introduced new restrictions to background services. Since previous versions of our SDK could not have been built with these in mind, they must be updated to accommodate the change.

About Android O

Android O comes with some great new features, including Snoozing, Notification Dots and Notification Categories, which you can read all about in our release notes for our SDK and Message Composer.

Since Google I/O 2017, our teams have been hard at work getting ready for all of the updates included in Android O. We're excited to let you know that we recently released SDK 8.7 in support of Android O.

Next Steps

As stated above, if you've already updated your app to target Android O, you’ll need to update to our latest SDK (8.7) as soon as possible. If you previously updated to version 8.6 of our SDK, we recommend updating to 8.7 as we made some improvements and bug fixes in the newest version.

For more information, check out our release note on Android O as well as our Android documentation.

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