How to use Postman to send API requests ?

Postman is an application for interacting with HTTP APIs. Through its user interface, users can construct requests and read responses.
This application is for users who do not feel comfortable using the command line or writing code but still want to send API requests.
You can watch this YouTube video for a walkthrough on installing Postman.

If you would like to connect to our APIs programmatically, take a look at our API Server libraries, which include Python, Java, PHP, and Ruby.

If you login on the european domain (, you'll need to use the following base url:
If you login on the north american domain (, you'll need to use the following base url:


1. Retrieve the Airship collection

To use the Airship collection, you will fork the collection and an environment to your personal workspace, where you can personalize your payloads and add your project credentials, channels, etc.
You can also choose to get updates when there are changes to the main collection.
To do so you can follow the steps describe in the following documentation.

2. Setup your Postman environment

The Airship Public Workspace contains the Airship API v3 collection and Public Airship Environment. Global variables, such as{{baseUrl}}, and variables defined in the Public Airship Environment are used for all the pre-built requests in the collection.

The endpoints use either the Bearer Token{{bearer_token}}or both App Key{{app_key}}and Master Secret{{master_secret}}for authorization.

Follow the steps described in our documentation to set up your variables in your Postman environment.
All the variables defined in the Public Airship Environment are used in the Airship API v3 requests.

3. Send a push request

The Airship API v3 collection is organized in folders based on endpoints.
Clicking on a folder will expand all pre-built requests related to that endpoint.
Clicking on a request will open a new tab in the main window of Postman.

You can follow our documentation for sending your push request

Airship Postman collection

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