Delayed Push from RSS Feeds

WARNING: Although RSS based pushes are easy and convenient to set up, we recommend against pushing from an RSS feed. RSS pushes are often problematic and when RSS fails, there is no retry or warning that the push was not delivered. This is a legacy method and works as is with known issues. We recommend using our API directly as it is more robust and reliable than RSS. We do not have plans to expand our RSS functionality.

Known Issues with sending push notifications from an RSS feed:

  • Pushes sent by RSS feeds can experience delays of up to 15 minutes. The exact time that a push is sent using RSS cannot be specified. If your pushes are time sensitive (i.e. breaking news, emergency alerts) we do not recommend the use of RSS.  Please use the Airship API instead.  Slower delivery speeds are expected when pushing from an RSS feed and we cannot speed up RSS based feeds.
  • RSS based notifications do not automatically retry if a failure is encountered.

If you find that updates to your feed are not triggering a notification, even after waiting 15 minutes, please make sure the format of your feed is valid using the W3C Feed Validator Service.

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