Where can I find Airship Documentation?

The Airship official documentation site is at https://docs.airship.com/

Here are some popular places in our documentation:

Our Product Documentation

Airship AXP Platform— Our flagship product. 

Getting Started — This walk-through will help you get up and running with Airship AXP.

Mobile Sample Apps — See Developer Resources section below for links to our sample apps. Then you can see push working before writing your own code.

Message Composer Tutorial — Walks through all of the options for sending messages through the Airship Dashboard.

API Reference — A complete list of all Airship Engage API endpoints.


Airship Wallet — Our Reach platform lets you mobilize loyalty cards, coupons, tickets, offers, and more.

Getting Started — Setting up your account.

Project and Template Tutorial — Create a pass template.

Distribute Wallet Passes — Explains how to deliver Apple Wallet passes via push notifications.

Wallet Reference — Information about barcode types, pass styles & layouts, security, and troubleshooting help.

Wallet API — Support for Apple Wallet and Android Pay; these are the developer docs for the Urban Airship Reach API.


Airship Real-Time Data Stream — Our user-centric data streaming platform that delivers real-time mobile information.

About RTDS— Overview of Urban Airship Connect, a real-time, mobile engagement data streaming service.

Getting Started — A walk-through of the RTDS UI and the process of configuring a direct connection. 

Real-Time Data Stream API — Pull information from the RTDS data stream via the RTDS API.

Real-Time Data Stream FAQ — Frequently Asked Questions about using Airship RTDS. 


Airship Real-Time Data Stream — Learn what makes your users tick — and take action immediately with Airship Insight.


Developer Resources

Getting Started: iOS — A developers’ guide for setting up an Urban Airship configuration for iOS apps.

Getting Started: Android — This guide is a high level overview of the Urban Airship platform for Android and Amazon devices.

Mobile Sample Apps — Download and implement our sample apps.


SDK Changelogs — Short notes on all changes for each version of the iOS and Android client libraries.


Other Important Links

New Release Notes — Check here for updates and to find out what's new in our product line.

Troubleshooting Guide — Having trouble? Check here for help. 

Lifecycle List Tutorial — Airship generates Audience Lists that group users based on lifecycle events.

Team Access — Consolidate all apps under a single corporate account assign app-related responsibilities to individual users.


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