Please don't upload Personal Identifying Information about your customers to Airship

Airship does not collect Personally Identifiable information in the routine function of our service. While it is possible for a customer to upload PII to our system, we prohibit uploading PII in our Terms of Service.

Airship has no mechanisms built into our libraries that retrieves Personally Identifiable Information. There is no place on our services intended to store such data. The only information used to identify a device is a random series of numbers and letters. Airship, Apple or Google generate these identifiers. There is no way in our systems to use this identifier to look up personal information.

Please read our most recent Terms of Service.

A good best practice when integrating Airship is to use a hashing algorithm. This helps obscure customer information that the app may introduce in our system. For instance, obscure email addresses before setting them as device aliases or named users.

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