My Cordova app is crashing, how do I report this crash to Airship?

If you're seeing or receiving reports of your app crashing and you know that your app is using the Airship Cordova Plugin, you can contact Airship Support to diagnose the crash and respond to crash reports. For any crash reports, we would recommend sending us the following so that we can respond quickly to diagnose the issue.

  1. Output from the following commands:
    cordova --version
    cordova platform
    cordova plugin
  2. Your config.xml file and www folder.
  3. Any stack trace or crash logs you can provide.
  4. When the crash is occurring? On launch? When a push message is received? Some other time? What state was the app in?
  5. What are the steps to reproduce the crash?
  6. How often this crash is occurring? For example, how many times the crash has been reported vs. how many installs your application has.

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