Updating the Urban Airship Cordova Plugin

You will not be able to update the Plugin Urban Airship Cordova Plugin using the native app and IDE (Xcode or Android Studio). 
Updating requires the use of the Terminal and is best done by a developer or other technical resource.

When updating the Urban Airship SDK version for your Cordova-based application, please follow the these steps.

  1. Remove the Cordova plugin from your project.
    Navigate to the root of your Cordova project, then:
    cordova plugin remove urbanairship-cordova
  2. Build the project to make sure there are no errors generated.
  3. Add the Urban Airship Cordova plugin to your project:
    cordova plugin add urbanairship-cordova
  4. Completely delete any existing built native project directories.
  5. Build the project.


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