Exporting your Apple Push Notification Service (APNS) Push Certificate

Exporting your APNS certificate is a technical process. This is best completed by a developer or other technical resource.


To complete this process you will need the login for your Apple iOS Developer Portal as well as knowledge of Mac OS X and the Keychain Access application. 


To communicate with APNS, we need the full certificate/key combination that's created from the Apple Developer Member Center for your app. We have documentation on exporting this key in our APNS Setup Guide, in the Export the .p12 File section.

If you have trouble with this process (e.g., if the .p12 export option is grayed out or disabled), here are a few notes that may help:

  1. You need to upload the full certificate and key pair; the private key alone is not enough. Use the same Keychain Access account that imported the certificate from the provisioning portal to generate the push Certificate Signing Request (CSR). If the CSR process started on another Mac or account, you'll need to use that account or start the CSR process again.
  2. In Keychain Access, be sure to select My Certificates in the Category section on the bottom left. You must use My Certificates to export the public and private key together. If you do not, you'll only be able to select the public certificate.

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