How to configure my iOS channel with a push notification certificate ?

In this section, we will see together how to configure your iOS channel using a push notification certificate (P12).

Setting up your iOS channel is a technical process.
This is best completed by a developer or any other technical resource.
To conclude this process, you will need the login to your Apple iOS Developer Portal. You also need knowledge of Mac OS X and the Keychain Access application. 

We recommend that new applications use token signing for authentication, rather than certificate-based authentication.


1. Generate a provisioning profile

To support Catalyst apps in Xcode 11+, it’s necessary that your app be built with a provisioning profile that includes an Apple Developer certificate (for Xcode 11 or later) and the Mac capability listed under Enabled Capabilities:

To communicate with APNS, we need the full certificate/key combination that is created from the Apple Developer Member Center for your app.

iOS Push Certificate Authentication

Do not a) submit to the App Store or b) test notifications on an ad hoc build while your app's code is pointing to an Airship app key that is set as Test.
Test apps use different tokens that, when included in a push to a Live app, will fail and in many cases cause all other pushes to fail.

Always create a Live Airship project first, and make sure your application code is pointing to the live project’s app key.


2. Create your identifier

  1. Log in to the Apple Developer Member Center and go to Account > Certificates, IDs & Profiles, or use this direct link.
  2. On the left side menu, click Identifiers, click +, select App IDs, and click Continue

    iOS Push Certificate Authentication

  3. Fill out the Register an App ID form, making sure to check the Push Notifications checkbox, then click Continue and Register.

    iOS Push Certificate Authentication

    iOS Push Certificate Authentication

3. Get your certificate

  1. Go to the Identifiers page and select your App ID.

  2. In the list of Capabilities, go to the box for Push Notifications, then click Configure to continue to the Apple Push Notification service SSL Certificates section. The button will be labeled Edit if it has been configured previously.

    iOS Push Certificate Authentication

    If the Configure/Edit button is not available, you may not be the team agent or the admin. The person who originally created the developer account is your team agent, and they will have to carry out the remaining steps of this article.


  3. Click Create Certificate to create a Production SSL Certificate. This will generate an Apple Push Notification service SSL (Sandbox & Production) certificate compatible with both the Production and Development environments.

    iOS Push Certificate Authentication

    You should now see the Create New Certificate section to generate an Apple Push Notification service SSL (Sandbox & Production) certificate:

    iOS Push Certificate Authentication

  4. Follow the instructions to create a certificate signing request in the Create New Certificate section, then click Continue after your certificate signing request is uploaded.

    You can now use the newly-created Certificate Signing request to generate the APNs Push SSL certificate. The next step requires the Download button to be active. You may need to reload the page if it is not yet active.

    iOS Push Certificate Authentication

  5. Click Download and save the file for use in the next step.

4. Export the certificate as a .p12 file

  1. Open the certificate you downloaded in the previous steps, which should open in the Keychain Access app. The certificate should be listed in My Certificates.

    iOS Push Certificate Authentication

  2. Click the certificate in the list, then from the File menu, select Export Items….

    iOS Push Certificate Authentication

  3. Save the file in the Personal Information Exchange (.p12) format.

    iOS Push Certificate Authentication

  4. You will be prompted to create a certificate password. Use this password in the next step.

5. Configure the iOS channel

  1. Go to Settings > Channels > Mobile Apps > iOS.
  2. Click Edit for Certificate-based authentication.
  3. Enter the certificate password and upload the .p12 file.
  4. Click Save.

Your iOS channel is now setup and ready to send push notifications.

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