What do I do if my iOS Production App was submitted to Apple with inProduction flag set to NO?

If you submit your app to the Apple Store for review with the inProduction flag set to NO in your Airship Config File, new users will be registered to your Test Airship App



  1. Change the inProduction setting in your airshipConfig file to YES.
  2. Using a test device, install an ad-hoc build of the app with an ad-hoc provisioning profile. 
  3. Make sure the device is registering on the Airship production app.
  4. Send a test push to that device to make sure you are able to receive notifications.
  5. Once it has been confirmed to be working, send out an update to the Apple App Store. Please note that the speed of app store submissions is controlled by Apple and can vary from hours to weeks. Updates to existing apps are generally processed faster than new app submissions.
  6. After users start updating, navigate to the development app's Audience > Device tokens page. Scroll down to clear all the device tokens. This prevents further problems down the road.


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