Android Production Launch Checklist

Before submitting your app to Google Play, we recommend to check the following:

  1. Send test pushes to your production app. Make sure they are received as expected and reports data appears on your Urban Airship dashboard.
  2. Check the error console on your dashboard to make sure the app code, Urban Airship settings, and FCM/GCM settings are all configured correctly. There should be no errors present for recent pushes.  If you see recent errors in your error console, you will want to resolve configuration issues before releasing your app.
  3. Verify the file contains the correct App Key and App Secret values for the development and production versions of the app, the correct FCM/GCM Sender ID (Google project number), and the correct inProduction flag.
  4. Double check the production build is using the production App Keys in the file. Make sure devices are successfully registering to the production app and pushes are received.
  5. Look up a test device in the application dashboard under Audience > Device Lookup. Make sure there are devices appearing and that they are active and installed.

Once these steps have been verified, your application should be working properly with Urban Airship.

You are ready to submit to the app store. Congratulations!

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