What should I check before submitting my app to Google Play Store?

Before submitting your app to Google Play Store, we recommend checking the following points:


  • Verify that the airshipconfig.properties file contains the correct App Key and App Secret values for the development and production versions of the app, and the correct FCM Sender ID (Google project number). 


  • Make sure that the app is flagged as "inProduction" in the airshipconfig.properties file.
    inProduction = true


  • If your project is on the European Airship server, check that the following flag appears in your airshipconfig.properties file. If you are a project on the US server, there is no flag to add.
     site = EU


  • Make sure that push notifications are enabled or can be enabled by a user action. 


  • If you're using our PrivacyManager, check that this method enables the SDK features in accordance with the user's consent. 


After checking the above points, we recommend performing a test sending to make sure that the notifications are correctly delivered. It will also allow you to check that the data and statistics are correctly reported in the push report. If test messages are received, you are ready to submit your app to the app store. Congratulations!


In case test messages are not received on your production app, you can check the following points: 

  • Check the Airship error console on your dashboard to make sure the app code, Airship settings, and FCM settings are all configured correctly. There should be no errors present for recent pushes.  If you see recent errors in your error console, you will have to resolve configuration issues before releasing your app.

  • Double check the production build is using the production App Keys in the airshipconfig.properties file. Make sure that devices are successfully registering to the production app and pushes are received.

  • Look up a test device in the application dashboard under Audience > Contact Management. Make sure there are devices appearing and that they are active, installed, and that they have a push address. 

If the above points sound good to you but push notifications are not received on your device, feel free to contact our support team. In the support ticket, to minimize the resolution time, please make sure to put the project App Key, the Channel ID of your device, and the push ID(s) of the notification(s) you've sent.


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