What is the difference between Landing Pages and Message Center Messages?

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While Landing Pages and Message Center Messages both make use of standard HTML and can be visually identical, this article helps outline some of the key differences so that you can choose the best solution for your app.

First, a bit about the differences:

Difference Landing Page Message Center Message
User Experience Landing Pages open as an overlay that drops the user in the app's home screen once closed. Message Center messages appear in a Message Center or Inbox, which presents the user with navigation and additional controls.
Persistance Landing Pages do not persist in the app. Once dismissed, the user no longer has access to it. Message Center Messages are persistent; the message stays in the inbox until deleted by the user, expired via the Expiry feature, or otherwise deleted.
Implementation Landing Page functionality exists out of the box with the Urban Airship Android SDK or iOS SDK version 4.x or higher. Message Center does require a bit of development time, usually ~6 hours, most of which would be spent making sure the UI is brand-appropriate.
Expiration Not supported for Landing Pages Allows you to set an Expiration time after which the message will no longer appear in the user's Message Center.
Custom Keys Not supported for Landing Pages Allows you to pass custom key/value pairs along with the Message Center message.


Questions to ask when choosing between Landing Pages and a Message Center:

  • Is there additional development time sufficient to incorporate the Message Center? You will generally need 1-3 lines of code for a functional version then additional time spent to customize it for the look and feel of your app.
  • Is there a one-time code (such as a coupon code) in the message the user might need in the future? 
  • Are there specific instructions or other types of data the user might need to return to?  
  • Are there multiple calls to action that people might engage with at different times?
  • Landing Page content is hosted in a CDN and is subject to a size limit of 1536K with a recommended limit of 100k; see the Warning in our documentation about Landing Page content.
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