Automated Welcome Message FAQ

What is an automated Welcome Message?

An automated Welcome Message allows you to send a welcome message soon after a user installs your app. The message is triggered to send automatically a specified time period after a user opens your app for the first time.  

The automated Welcome Message that is triggered on first app open and discussed in this article is different from the Welcome Message feature found in the UI under Messages > Welcome Message. This feature lets you create a rich page that will appear in every user's Message Center the first time they open the app. 

Why should I use a Welcome Message? 

An automated Welcome Message can increase long term user engagement and help you make a great first impression. 

A welcome message can:

  • Tell users the benefits of your app.
  • Illustrate how the app works.
  • Highlight Features of the app.
  • Educate users on opting in to push or location.
  • Encourage preference opt-in.
  • Provide a welcome offer.

How do I set up a Welcome Message Series?

Use the First Open Trigger Event (found in the Message Composer) for the automated welcome message. Create several welcome messages and set the delay between a user's first open and the sending of your welcome message to different lengths. For example, you can set up a message that sends one day after the first open, then one that occurs 7 days after that, and finally one that is sent after 30 days. 



Why should I set up a Welcome Message Series?

Many apps are the victim of a download-try-delete cycle, so hooking new users is key. Your welcome series of messages can reveal special content available only to app users or those who enable push notifications or share their location.

Your welcome message is also essential to strong app ratings because it demonstrates the app’s value. And good ratings, in turn, prompt more downloads.


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