Troubleshooting historical location notification delivery

The ability to look up and push to locations is a service provided by our Comprehensive Edition plan.

Please contact your Urban Airship account manager if you're not sure if you've been enabled for location or if you'd like to upgrade.

Best practices:

  • When testing location in an app for the first time, we recommend turning up the frequency of location reporting. This allows testing to be much easier because you can make sure that we are getting location data for your test devices.  Just remember to turn it back down when you're done testing and set it at a reasonable level for your use case.
  • Keep your test devices plugged in to keep them from going into low-power mode which may limit the frequency of location updates.
  • Take your test devices off of wifi if possible, and/or check that your wifi network/firewall isn't blocking push traffic or our analytics calls.
  • Make sure you have not disabled Urban Airship analytics for the application.
  • When you are creating a test segment, use a long time period (at least 6 weeks).

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