How can I send a test Apple Wallet or Android Pay pass?

While editing the style and look of your passes, we recommend sending yourself test passes from time to time in order to evaluate how passes may appear on devices. 


In the Airship Dashboard, we've provided a "Send Test Pass" button which allows you to transfer a .pkpass file for Apple Wallet passes. We've also created a "Save to Android Pay" button for Android Pay templates so that you can quickly and easily test the layout and appearance of passes on different types of devices. 

  1. To begin, create a new project under the Airship Dashboard.
  2. Then, create a new Apple Wallet or Android Pay template.
  3. When the new template has been created, it will be open for editing.
    Click the "Send Test Pass" which will present either of the following:

Android Pay Send Test Pass functionality:



Apple Wallet Send Test Pass functionality:



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