How can I use emoji in Apple Wallet?

Emoji are not currently supported in Apple Wallet passes.
This article outlines the experience your users will have when emoji are added to a template.

We are frequently asked whether it is possible to send emoji such as 🎩  or 📻  within Apple Wallet.  

The Urban Airship template editor allows you to enter emoji, but Apple Wallet passes display in-line emoji as Screen_Shot_2016-04-27_at_3.40.24_PM.png rather than 🎩 or 📻..

To recreate:

  1. Within the Urban Airship Reach system, add emoji to a template to build something that looks like this:Screen_Shot_2016-04-26_at_9.58.50_AM.png

  2. Use the "Send Test Pass" button to send an Apple Wallet pass to your own test device.
    It will look like this:


Additionally, using the byte or unicode encoding for emoji such as \u1F601 or \xF0\x9F\x98\x81 will print these characters directly on the pass as entered.

For this reason, we recommend not using emoji on any pass template.  


Currently it is possible to send emoji within Change Messages using the API, but please note that not all emoji are supported. 


 curl -X PUT \ 
-H "Api-Revision:1.2" \ 
-H "Content-Type: application/json" \
-d '{
    "fields": {
        "Coupon Details": {
            "changeMessage": " %@ \u265e",
            "value": "Here is your magic Emoji"

 Will display the following on most devices:



As with any alert content, testing should be done to ensure there aren't unusual display issues.


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