You may encounter a situation where your dashboard is displaying all zeros and no results:



When you see zeros or expired results across all metrics on your dashboards, refresh the browser tab. 

The most common cause for seeing zeros or expired results across all metrics on your dashboards is that you switched between different apps and have existing tabs open with another app. Insight supports browsing a single app at a time.

To fix the issue:

  • Close other open tabs or windows and force a full refresh.
  • Clear the App name filter and click Run to force a new query to run.
  • Delete the cookies associated with and then refresh the page. See below for how to do this in Chrome and Safari.

Delete Cookies on Chrome:

  1. Go to Chrome Menu ≡ and then down to Settings.
  2. Enter cookies in to the search bar:Screen_Shot_2016-06-08_at_11.10.07_AM.png
  3. Click Content Settings, then All Cookies and Site Data.
  4. Type analyze in to the search field, and then click the X next to
  5. Refresh the Insight Dashboard

Delete Cookies on Safari:

  1. Go to Safari > Preferences in the toolbar.
  2. Click on Privacy:
  3. Click on Details..., type urban in the search field, select and click Remove:
  4. You will need to log back in to Urban Airship and navigate to the Insight Dashboard again.

Delete Cookies on Firefox:

  1. Select Preferences.
  2. Click on Privacy, and then remove individual cookies 
  3. Enter analyze in the Search box and select all the cookies for from the list.  
  4. Click Remove all Cookies.

Internet Explorer or Edge is not supported for Insight.


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