How do I get a list of users that were sent or opened an A/B Test message?

You will need Urban Airship Insight to explore the list of users that were sent or who opened an A/B Test Message.
  1. In the top navigation, click Engage, then click Messages and choose A/B Tests:


  2. Locate the A/B Test you would like to query, and at the far right, click the View Full Report histogram icon:


  3. From the URL in the browser address bar, copy the push ID (for example: 3d5bef39-8f0b-4fad-9de0-c12ee2b28af7): 


  4. In the top navigation menu, choose Insight, then select the Messages Dashboard. If you would like a list of users that were sent a message, click on any non-zero count to open a New Exploration. Use any entry in the table since we just need a starting point for the next step. The same pattern can be applied to direct and indirect opens:


  5. Change the Push ID by pasting the one you copied from the report in step 3. Remove the time range field or select a time range that is inclusive of the send/open date. Note: For Opens include several days after the send date.


  6. Add the Variant ID (or Direct Open Variant ID or Indirect Open Variant ID in the case of opens) as a filter or field. A Variant ID of 0 corresponds to message A, a Variant ID of 1 to corresponds to message B, and so on.

           Send example:


                                            Open example:


  7. Click Run, and you can then export your list:


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