Why Does Drilling in to the Sent Message Count fail?

Drilling in to the Sent Message Count can sometimes result in a failure to load or the message "No Results".

Removing the App Name filter can help: 

  1. Drill in to the Sent Message Count: Screen_Shot_2016-06-03_at_10_27_37_AM.png
  2. Remove the App Name filter by clicking the X next to the filter:Screen_Shot_2016-06-03_at_10_28_03_AM.png
  3. The Filter section should now look like this: Screen_Shot_2016-06-03_at_10.28.12_AM.png
  4. Click the Run button in the top right corner.
The row limit of 500 prevents the browser from crashing. You can download a list of all devices using the steps outlined in the Exporting Lists documentation.


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