Creating a Support Request

Urban Airship Technical Support offers a variety of support levels and methods to help our customers.  The best place to start is on our Support Portal at  Our Support Portal offers a search of our knowledge base which may contain previously published answers, and if you do not find the answer to your questions, you can open a ticket with us.  

Paying customers will be promoted to fill out a support ticket form after your KB search, and free customers will be directed to our Community Forums.

Please include the following information in your Support Request:

  1. Your App KeyPlease do not send your app secret or your app master secret. 
  2. Push ID for the push request in question.
  3. Channel IDs for devices that did not receive the push as expected. (If you don't have the Channel ID or don't know how to get it let us know in your ticket you need the token for the Channel Capture Tool and we will send it in our reply.)
  4. Any other information that you feel will be helpful in diagnosing the issue. This includes but is not limited to:
    1. Logs
    2. Screenshots
    3. Code snippets
    4. Browser console logs
    5. Detailed steps to reproduce the issue

This will help us look into the matter for you.

The more information we have to work from, the more complete resolution we can provide.


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