Why use Urban Airship Connect? How can I use Urban Airship Connect data?

What is Connect?

Urban Airship Connect is a mobile engagement data streaming service that delivers engagement events in real time. Mobile engagement data can be thought of as the sum total of your users' interactions with your application. These interactions include a whole host of things, such as when users open and close your application, user location or region, when they viewed a particular screen in your application, or when they've read or deleted messages in your message center.

Can I use Connect without Engage?

Connect is not a stand-alone product; it is designed to work alongside Engage. For some of our clients, the information provided by reports in the Engage API is more than enough. For those who are looking to better understand how their mobile audience uses their application, Connect is the next step. 

How can I use Connect data?

The information from Connect can be used in a variety of ways. For example, you might be curious to find out how push notifications influence in-store sales. You might be looking to increase customer retention via email campaigns when a user uninstalls your app, or you might want to improve in-store services. The information provided in the stream of data that Connect delivers directly to you can help you achieve all of these things. 

What integrations does Connect support?

Some of the integrations we support include:

  • Google Analytics
  • Adobe Analytics
  • Amplitude
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Customer.io

For a full list of available integrations, click Connect in the Urban Airship dashboard.


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