What languages/language-characters does Airship support?

Whether you are sending notifications through the web dashboard or using the API, Airship supports a wide variety of languages and characters.  


Any characters/languages that are supported by Apple, Google, Amazon, and Windows will display correctly when sending notifications using Airship.

Note: It is best practice to test notifications on in-house devices before sending to a broader audience.


More details:

All new devices ask users questions about their location and language preferences.  These preferences are saved within the device itself and necessary components to display each language are loaded/downloaded via the phone's operating system.

As messages and push notifications are composed in Airship's web dashboard or API, each character is broken down into specific codes that are mapped to unique characters in each language.  

Airship validates notifications sent from the web dashboard/API but allows these codes to pass to the device itself where they are changed back to the respective characters.  No modifications are made to these codes by Airship.

When using the web dashboard:

The Device Preview that is displayed when composing the message can vary widely, depending on the:

    • Platform (example: Android, iOS, Windows, etc) 
    • Device (example: smartphone, large phone, tablet, etc)
    • Screen: (example: lock screen, notification center, app screen, etc)

For these reasons it is recommended that test notifications are sent to in-house devices before sending to a bigger audience.

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