Building Urban Airship Android Sample apps on a Windows PC

If you are building an Android application and including the Urban Airship Android SDK using a Windows PC, it is important to make sure you're on the latest versions of Android Studio.

Otherwise, you may experience some build errors that will prevent you from building and deploying your application to your device.

Please make sure you are using at least the following versions:

  • Urban Airship SDK - 7.2.3+
  • Android Studio -  2.2+
  • Android Platform Tools - 24.0.3+
  • Android SDK Tools - 25.2.2+
  • Android Support Library - 23.2.1+

If you encounter errors such as:

 :urbanairship-sdk:templatizeNativeBridge FAILED 
Error:Execution failed for task ':urbanairship-sdk:templatizeNativeBridge'.
> A problem occurred starting process 'command 'src/main/js/templatize''

Ensure that your project has been updated to the latest versions of the SDK and Platform tools, and rebuild your app.

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