The Urban Airship dashboard (located at has many great features to help grow and retain a mobile application's audience.  Our online documentation has written explanations of both the Dashboard Overview as well as the Message Composer.  These video tutorials reinforce that information and provide an alternative delivery method for those who prefer to see/hear the steps.

Help bubbles will appear in various places of the message composer.  Clicking on each one will provide greater detail about the options you see on the screen.

All Topics Overview:


Length: 29:27
Summary: This video shows all of the parts below linked together.  If you are new to Urban Airship, this would be the best place to start.

Specific Topics:

Intro for Existing Customers


Length: 1:55
Summary: This video provides an overview of the navigation in the web dashboard for sending push notifications.  An example of sending a push notification is shown but greater detail is given in other videos.



Length: 3:00
Summary: This video goes into detail about all the different ways you can select the audience of your notification.  Examples include selecting by language, timezone, operating systems, those who have opened the app in the past 30 days, etc....



Length: 3:26
Summary: This video explains the difference between sending a push notification, an In-App Message, and/or a Message Center message. It also contains information on adding optional features, tags, and different actions that can be specified by the sender.

Delivery Options


Length: 2:57
Summary: This video covers the various times that a notification can be sent. More description on sending in-app messages can be found in subsequent videos.

Message Center & Landing Pages


Length: 6:17
Summary: This video covers how to send messages that can include pictures, embedded video, upload custom HTML, etc...



Length: 3:43
Summary: This video explains what an automated message is, how to set one up, and how to set rules for when automated message can be sent (aka avoid sending messages while your audience sleeps!).

Segments & Location


Length: 1:44
Summary: This video explains how to make predefined groups of your audience using a variety of conditions such as needing specific tags, being in certain locations, having a specific operating system, etc...

Advanced Topics:


Length: 6:13
How to send as fast as possible (Breaking News), Supporting Windows & Blackberry Platforms (0:52), Autosave Drafts, Revert & Delete (2:19), Composer Configuration Options (3:45), Message Overview: Message Tabs & How to Duplicate Messages (5:22)

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