iOS 10 Service Extension Troubleshooting & Verification

Additional steps must be taken to utilize some push notification features that were introduced in iOS 10. This article is comprised of the most commonly seen problems with their solutions listed. This is not an exhaustive list but following this guide can save considerable time and energy.

Add a Service Notification Extension

The very first step to utilize these iOS 10 features is to follow the instructions on making a Service Notification Extension as listed in our Implementation Guide.  

Verify that the Service Notification Extension is working

Check the following areas to make sure the implementation has been set up correctly:

  • Confirm that the service extension binary is embedded in the app target.

  • Confirm that the AirshipAppExtension framework is included in the “Build Phases” for the service extension target.

  • Confirm that the AirshipAppExtension framework is included as a linked binary in the service extensions “Build Phases”.

  • Confirm that the AirshipAppExtension framework is included as a copy file phase in the service extensions “Build Phases”.


Check deployment method

When deploying from Xcode, confirm that you are deploying and attaching the service extension to your app. Always choose the notification service scheme when running, not the app target.

Xcode will prompt you to choose the parent app:


Push Notification arrives with "[modified]" in the title

If a push notification shows up with the string "[modified]" in the notification title, this is a result of the default placeholder code in the service extension's file that is generated when the Notification Service Extention target is created. Be sure to complete the Modify the Extention part of our implementation guide and remove all placeholder content from the extension's file.


Information to include with Support tickets or Forum posts:

Should the information above not resolve the issue, please include the following information in an email (contracted customers) or in forum posts (e-commerce plans):

  • A copy of the Info.plist for the notification service extension.
  • A copy of the class files used by the notification service extension.
    • If you created a service extension using the default Xcode app extension template, the class will be named “NotificationService”

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