iOS 10 Video Troubleshooting & Best Practices

Attaching a video to a push notification can be a powerful way to engage an audience.  This article will provide some best practices to maximize delivery success and user experience as well as tips to avoid common issues that arise. 

Before sending your video, ask yourself the following questions:

Am I sending a video without audio?

If your video does not contain audio, considering sending a .gif instead. GIF files can reduce the size of the payload and decrease the potential for delayed deliveries.  Since different device types require different video specifications, sending a gif can increase the likelihood that your entire audience will receive the same notification.

Does my video meet Urban Airship requirements?

The following blog post lists the requirements as well as what type of engagement you can expect when taking advantage of rich media: Rich Push Notifications: Mobile Marketers’ FAQs

Note: If you are sending notifications using our API, you will only be able to attach links to video URL rather than uploading them to Urban Airship servers.
There is a lot to know about creating/modifying video, especially when sending via push notifications. Using a video transcoder program can save a substantial amount of time and frustration.  We recommend using open sourced software such as Handbrake (free) to streamline the process.


Have you tested your video and it's still not working?

Here are a few things to double check and some helpful links:

    • Is the device updated to the latest version?
    • Does your video meet Apple specifications?  This can be found in the Video Technologies section in the following document: iOS Media Layer
Note: Pay close attention to the information listed under Table 2-3


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