How to find the Channel ID using the Channel Capture Tool


Airship uses unique channel IDs to identify specific devices on your app. These channel IDs are often the most important piece of information that you will need to track push delivery to a specific device.

To help find your channel ID, our SDK contains a built-in tool called the channel capture tool (Android | iOS). This document will walk you through using the channel capture tool to get the channel ID of your device.

To retrieve your Channel ID, it is possible to use 2 methods, depending on your SDK version (higher or lower than version 14.0.0).

In order to constantly improve our product and our features, we would like to remind you that it is essential to regularly update your SDK.



SDK 14.0.0 and above

If you're on Airship SDK 14.0.0 or above, you can get your channel ID by opening the app and going back to your device's home screen 6 times in a row. On the 6th app open, the channel ID will be copied to your clipboard with an expiry of 1 minute.

Your clipboard content, when pasted, will look similar to the below example:


Everything after the ua: is the channel ID of the device.


SDK below 14.0.0

Below this version, it is necessary to contact support to get your Channel ID. Please note, SDK versions below 14 have the UAConfig channelCaptureEnabled flag (Android | iOS) disabled by default.

Here is a list of the steps we will go through together:

  • Getting your application's Channel Capture Token from the Airship Support Team
  • Preparing your device
  • Use the Channel Capture Token (refer to the SDK version you are using) to get your Channel ID


  • Reach out to the Airship Support Team with the app key of the application you would like a Channel Capture Token for.

Each Airship project has its own Channel Capture Token. This token can be used to get the Channel ID for any Android or iOS device that has the corresponding application installed.

If you have production and development versions of the app, each will have its own app key and token. You can include multiple applications in one email.


  • Once we receive the email, we will respond with the Channel Capture token for your app. This will be a long string of letters and numbers, similar to the below example:


  • Send the Channel Capture Token to your device (for example, by email or SMS). 

Open the message on your device and long press on the token to copy it to your device's clipboard. Be sure to copy the full token and nothing else such as punctuation or white space.


  • Open your application on your device.

  • A pop-up should appear on your screen which shows your Channel ID with options to copy or share.



Please feel free to contact our support team if you have any questions regarding this topic.


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