Channels is Airship’s flagship product and fully-featured mobile engagement platform. This guide will help you design and implement winning mobile strategies with Automated Messages, Personalization, A/B Tests, Message Center, and more.

In order to start utilizing Airship features, you’ll want to create an Account that will house all of your projects which will contain your implementation details, including API keys, access to reports, SDK downloads, and sample code.

Getting Started is as easy as ready, set, GO!

Get Ready

To get started, if you haven’t already created an Airship account, create one here and follow our Registration and Log In steps.

NOTE: Consider who will be the owner of this account. Only the account owner can create and delete projects and manage a team’s access to the account.


Get Set (Up)

Once you have an account and have logged in, you’ll want to add a new Project to your account. For your mobile apps, your iOS and Android apps will be your Project. For Web Notify, your project is your website. Your Airship Project is what we use to generate the required API keys you’ll need to talk to different push notification services and keep track of your audience, messaging campaigns, analytics, and so forth.

If you have other team members, make sure you invite them to this project through Team Access, ensuring that other members of your team can configure and gain access to app credentials for development.


Sending live push messages to your own phone is easy for anyone when using the Airship 1st Flight app. 1st Flight is the fastest and easiest way to send yourself actual push notifications which you can install from the Apple or Google app stores.

Tech Support best practices:

Using the Airship SDK in your apps is an essential part of a successful integration with Airship. The Airship SDK brings a full suite of messaging features and provides reliable device address assignment with the Airship Channel ID.


Next Step:

Learn about the Airship interface:

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