How to make an Apple Safari Web Push certificate

You will need an Apple Developer Account to successfully make an Apple Safari Website Push Certificate.

To use your own certificate for sending Safari notifications using Urban Airship, you will first need to create and upload your own Safari Website Push certificate to the Urban Airship Engage dashboard.


1. Log into your Apple Developer Console and select Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles.



2. Select Identifiers from the menu on the left. Then select the blue + button.



3. Select the Web Push IDs radio button. Then select the blue Continue button.
4. Fill in the Description field and give your ID a unique identifier. Select the blue Continue button



5. Double check your name and identifier then register your Website Push ID.



6. Select your newly made Safari Website Push ID.



7. Create a new Production Certificate.



8. Select Choose File to upload your Certificate Signing Request (CSR) file if you have it saved locally. Otherwise select Learn more > for instructions on how to generate one.



9. Download your new certificate. Double click to add this certificate to your Keychain. Right-click your certificate inside Keychain Access to export to a .p12 file.



10. Add a password to your certificate. You will need to remember this password when you upload the .p12 file to the Engage Dashboard.



11. You should now be able to take this .p12 file and upload to your Airship Engage Account. Select the project you want to add the certificate to then select the Settings Gear > Channels. Next, select Web Browsers and add Safari Support and upload the appropriate certificate.




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