iOS App Review Deep Link

Before you work through configuring your app for a Deep Link so your users can leave an app review, please note that your app will have a unique ID, that can be found by simply entering in the name of your app followed by `iTunes` within a Google search, followed by the action of `?action=write-review`.


The above, if it was a valid link, would redirect a user to leave a review on The Ship app.


1. Configure your app with your Deep Link.



2. We'll use an In-App Automation to trigger when a user has opened an app for the 3rd time.


3. Remembering the name of the configured Deep Link with the desired link, we'll add this as the action when selected by your end-user.



When your user interacts the In-App Automation button, as shown above, they will be redirected through to the App Store and automatically trigger the App Review process.


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