How Do I Create An Abandoned Basket Campaign?

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Journeys allow you to target users based on user behavior. This type of message will allow you to send one or several messages as a result of an abandoned cart to encourage users to finalize the purchase. 

Create a Journey 


For this campaign, we recommend using a Journey because it allows you to create follow-up messages to increase the conversion rate. If you want to have only one message, you can create an automation. 

Select the trigger for your campaign


Select the trigger Custom Event and add your event add_to_cart. Please note that this event must first be tracked within your app’s code.

Add a rule limit


With rule limits, you can decide how many times, and how often the Journey will trigger. This allows you to manage the marketing pressure.

Select the campaign outcome  

You can define an outcome that will stop the Journey even if the user doesn’t trigger all of the messages. To do this, define a conversion and a cancellation event. You also have the option to start another journey if one of the outcome events occurred or a user has completed the Journey and all the messages were delivered.


For an abandoned cart campaign we recommend that you define :

  • a purchase event as a conversion goal


  • an empty cart event as a cancellation event

This will prevent users who have already purchased or cleared out their cart from receiving the message.

Message settings

Once the campaign outcome is set up, you can create the messages.

On the message settings page, you can add conditions such as Tags or Devices to your messages to limit the audience. 



That’s also the place where you can define the delay between the trigger event and the first message.

Channel Coordination


You can choose the channel priority for message delivery. For example, here we choose to target the channel that triggered the journey but you might also choose to target all opted-in channels.

Setup Message


You then create your message content and set up actions and optional features such as Title or Media to improve the look of your message.

Add a new message in the journey


Once you created your first message, you can add more messages in the journey to remind your customers of their cart.

Once everything is ready, test the journey. If everything is the way you want it, Start it!


Here is a video to show you how to create an abandoned basket Journey on Airship UI:



Best practices 

  • Don't limit the campaign to a single message. Studies have shown that it takes up to 3 messages to convince a user to purchase after an abandoned cart 

  • Increase the conversion rate by personalizing the message with the image of the product in the basket

  • Create a follow-up journey such as an order confirmation campaign after a purchase

Please feel free to contact our Support team if you have any additional questions.

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