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How it is called in Accengage? Features How it is called in Airship ? Main differences
Scheduled alarms
Message that your audience receives after meeting a set of conditions. It is initiated by a trigger, such as an event, entering or leaving a location, etc. You can further refine your audience with Cancellation Events and Segments. Automation   
In-App notifications The message allows you to communicate with all of your app users when they are using your app, even if they are opted out of push notifications. These messages may be sent using specific target criteria available in Accengage Segmentation and/or triggered by a given action performed by the app user (event, viewing a particular screen in your app). In-app automation  See our documentation here for the list of conditions available for segmentation.
IAA is not available via API at the moment. Please, use our
standard in-app message if API is required. In-App Messages can be created via API and by targeting specific criteria, but they don't have the same style, design, layout, or triggering options as IAA.
Inbox message Both a place in your app where you can display persistent rich messages and a message type. Message Center  
Device ID A unique identifier generated for each channel and/or device. Channel ID  
ID client Matching key for identifying a unique profile on different channels. Named user It cannot be used as an attribute on Airship
Campaign The folder in which you create one or more messages. It allows you to fetch overall statistics for messages of the same type and organize your actions in the interface. Campaign categories No folder exists on Airship. Labels can be added to each message (up to 10 per message). These labels can be used to create aggregate reports on a Campaign level in Performance Analytics.
Custom fields Can be added if you wish to develop data associated with your app users. They can be useful for segmenting your audience and may be used to personalize your messages (for instance: surname, name, birthday date). Attributes Incremented values are not accepted on Airship
Split Testing Mostly use of the random ID criteria in segments. The same Ids will always be in the same range. A/B Testing feature On Airship, different users selected in each range for each message sendt
Visits A number of application visits generated 24 hours after a click during the selected period. Indirect or Influenced opens Indirect Open
An app open that is attributed to the presence of a push notification, but is not measured directly, i.e., the user does not tap the notification directly. Indirect opens are a derived metric which is explained more fully in Appendix: Push Influence Primer.

Influenced Open
The calculated number of App Opens attributed to a push notification, having occurred within a 12-hour window of the push being sent. This includes both Direct and Indirect Opens, and the algorithm subtracts expected hourly opens that are likely to have happened without the push, and also takes less credit for opens the further they occur from the push.
Reaction Click on a message. Direct open, for mobile channels
Web clicks, for web channel


Faux amis On Accengage On Airship
Tags The word "tag" on Accengage is a global term which groups together customs fields and events Tags are generally descriptive terms indicating user preferences or other categorizations, and they are set at the Channel and Named User level.

They help you track information about your audience, like for instance subscribing to a particular service, checking a box on your website indicating that they like a particular product, or visiting a page in your app


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