Introduction to Performance Analytics

If Performance Analytics is not available on the platform, please contact your account manager first.

Performance Analytics overview

Performance Analytics is Airship’s user-level reporting tool. In Performance Analytics, you can visualize engagement data, helping you understand how your users engage with your application. If Performance Analytics is not included in your contract, please contact your Account Manager.

Performance Analytics data appears in two types of places: dashboards and space.


Each dashboard is a collection of topical reports, also known as “Looks.”

Airship provides more than 30 built-in dashboards organized in several tabs.

Note: some tabs are available depending on your contract.



Each default dashboard has the same basic layout and options. You can also create your own dashboards using your own looks.



The "Looks" are the visualizations of your saved reports. The reports can be saved:

  • “As a Look “

    • The report is added to the list of Looks. You can access and use it later.

  • “To a Dashboard”

    • Dashboards are folders in which you can group several Looks.

    • You can add the Look to an existing Dashboard or create a new Dashboard.


Our recommendation is to create one or several dashboards in which you will add your own looks.



Spaces are where the Looks and Dashboards and Explores are stored, the build-in ones as well as those you created.

Access the Spaces menu by clicking the four-square icon in the top right-hand corner of the window.



The left side of the menu shows icons for the three spaces:

  • Personal: This is your personal space where you can save your dashboards and reports specific to your project. No one else in your organization can see the looks and dashboards in your personal space.

  • Group: In the Group area you can share your dashboards and reports with other users from your organization. If you would like to save Reports or Dashboards across multiple apps, use this space.

  • Shared: These are Airship curated dashboards and Looks that all customers have read access to. You won’t be able to save any content to this area. Read our documentation on Shared spaces for more details.



Dimensions are the fields you want to include in your report.

For example: 

  • Campaign name

  • Message content

  • Date of delivery 

  • Tag name

You can also use dimensions as filters.

Measures are the results of operation on your data. For example:

  • Total delivery

  • Reaction rate

  • User count

You can also filter on measures (equal, lower than, higher than ...).

You can use a dimension as a pivot to organise the results. This creates a column for each value of the dimension, and each column of the pivot contains the report for this value.


  • Looking for opted-in users without the pivot:



  • Looking for opted-in users with a pivot on the platform dimension:



The results are easier to analyze.



All data in Performance Analytics can be exported in a number of formats. You can either export Looks or entire Dashboards.

Export Dashboards

To export your data:

  1. Go to Reports » Performance Analytics.

  2. Select the dashboard you want to export.

  3. Click the cogwheel icon in the top right-hand corner, and select how you want to export the Dashboard data.



Export Reports

  • If you are on a Dashboard, click the 3-dot-icon and select Download Data….



  • If you clicked the tile to open the report or opened the report from a Space, click Download Results.

See our documentation for more details.


Schedule reports

Both Dashboards and reports can be scheduled to export. There are many options to schedule the exports in a way that fits your need.


Scheduling Options

You can configure:

  • Destinations (Email / Webhook / Amazon S3…)

  • Format (CSV / JSON / TXT / PNG…)

  • Values (Unformatted / Formatted)

You can send a report if there are results. But you can also send a report if there are no results. This works in both cases. There even is an option that lets you receive emails when the filters of your report are met or not met.

Additionally, you can choose to trigger a report if the results have changed since the last run (documentation).

This documentation will help you to understand the dashboards provided by Airship. These dashboards are very helpful and are accessible directly from the home page of Performance Analytics.



Information: Welcome Series and Predictive tabs are not provided by default.

Please feel free to contact our support team if you have any questions.

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