You will find below our recommendation for targeting users depending on their birthdate.


By scheduling a daily sending for the birthday notification, you will be able to automatically send a personalized message for your customer's birthday. This allows you to build long-term customer loyalty by creating a link between your brand and Airship.


The first step is to make sure that, during the SDK implementation, the technical team sets an attribute “birthday_date” as a date type.


Therefore, as soon as a person logs in, the profile data is updated with the birthday day if it is filled in.

Go to “Audience” tab > “Attributes” and create an attribute birthday_date” with the type “Date”. This attribute has to be tracked in the code of your application too. This a mandatory step!



Create your message. For this scenario, you need to use the “Message” type in the platform as we will use the “Recurring Scheduled” option. The “Recurring scheduled” option is mandatory in order to do this scenario.


In the first part of the Composer Setup, select your channels, click on “Target specific users”. Select the condition “Attributes” and type your attribute name. In our case, it is birthday_date (the name of could be different depending on your configuration).

Configure the option. Choose “equals” > “Today” > “Month/Day” to target the right users.


Once you have selected your targets, create your message content.

On the delivery section, select the Recurring section. Configure the options. Send this message every year and select the Sending time.



Finalize the message by following all of the remaining steps. When you are satisfied with your message, review everything, and start your automation.


Here is a video to show you how to do those settings in the Airship UI: 



Best Practices

  • Your attribute must be created as a date type
  • Pay attention to the time at which your message will be sent. It is preferable to send the message at times when users are most active in the application or at times when they are likely to use their phone. For example, send it before 10 am.

  • With attributes, you can customize the content of your message. For example, you can personalize it with your user's first name. This improves engagement with your application

Please feel free to reach out to our Support team if you have any additional questions.

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