Systematic step by step approach to integrate Push Notification

I have followed all the basic steps of integration but yet i am not able to get my first successful notification. Please help me out to get some solution for this so that we can start engaging more with urban airship.

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  • Hi Apurva,

    Could you walk us through, step-by-step, what integrations steps you've already run through?

    In addition, if you can provide your app key, that will help as well.

    Lastly, if there are any errors that you're encountering, please provide that as well as logs from Xcode and I can dig in further.

  • I referred the documents and links which I got from urban airship but still when i m trying to send notification from urban airship portal like broadcast message to particular token id (testing message) it is not sent to device .
    So is it possible that we can have a team-viewer session where you can show us and guide us to understand the overall steps once.

  • Hi Apurva,

    You did not answer my previous questions in this thread. We do not provide team-viewer sessions.

    Please let us know what steps you went through and what your App Key is, and we can go from there. Additionally, please provide logs from Xcode. That will help us troubleshoot where the issue is.


    I went through the procedure mentioned in above link.
    My appId = 1:882495187389:android:c12afeb1bcf76f83
    airship config file has these details

    developmentAppKey = sE2JxUD0TQuiPjYgCs9pxw
    developmentAppSecret = ZB0dGtWoQ3y3ZM1XDP8NJg

    productionAppKey = Rr8L0hNhRlWBwIZf5C5rUQ
    productionAppSecret = OAPwk_xrTYKbBYsvfPma9w

    gcmSender = 882495187389

    I added Intent Receiver but was not sure about replacing ${applicationId} somay be its not working.

    I created channel Id for my device in Splash screen and also added sample autopilot file where it takeoff. In Log its showing me response of airship as success but when i try to broadcast message from here to that channalId it doesn't sends message


  • Hi Apurva,

    Can you attach the logs here as well?


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