send push notification from my device to other device(any one) that installed my app(UNITY 3D ANDROID)

Hi to all, 

I am developing my app in Unity 3D using Urban Airship Unity SDK. 

I have integratedUrban Airship Unity SDK and able to receive push notification from Urban Airship DashBoard.

I want to send push from my device to to other devices that installed my app.

I am unable to find any documentation regarding that.

i can't find a solution for this,please help me for solution.

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  • Our SDK is not designed to deliver messages between devices.  Notifications must be sent via the API or web dashboard.

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  • Thanks for your reply ,

    Can a device notify web dashboard to send notification to other devices?

    Can i notify web dashboard with some data and the web dashboard randomly select one device and send notification with same data ?

    please help me for solution.

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  • No, the flow of communication is one direction.  That is, from the web dashboard (or API) to devices and not the other way around.

    You can log in to the web dashboard and notifications can be sent from there.  Would this be a solution for your use case?

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