TRIGGER TYPE - Inactivity, How to set trigger time in Hours?

I have a requirement where based on inactivity of application registered device should receive push notification. I want the notification to be sent if app is inactive for 8 hours. I have tried doing this by creating a Automation message with Trigger type "Inactivity" but its not allowing me to add in hours, we can't set less than 1 day.

Please let me know if there is any possible way available to do this?

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  • Hi Sawant,

    At this time, 24 hours is the earliest an automated message based off of an inactivity trigger can be sent. We wouldn't recommend sending automated inactivity messages any earlier than this because those messages get sent every time a user opens and then closes their app and doesn't open it again within the set timeframe.

    What is your use case for wanting to send an automated inactivity message after 8 hours?

    Best regards,
    Jenn Miller

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