How to install urbanairship-cordova plugin in my phonegap app(using js.devexpress)?

Hi. I try to implement Push Notifications in app using urbanairship-cordova plugin. In plugin tutorial - "Requirements: Cordova-CLI >= 6.4.0, CocoaPods version >= 1.1.1".

How can I do that if I use vs2015(windows10) with devexpress for build app?

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  • Hi Boris,

    When setting up your app in Visual Studio, there is a section inside the config.xml where you can configure these settings.

    Simply open the config.xml file in your project within Visual Studio, and it should open a window where you can browse tabs to add/remove platforms and plugins.

    Under Platforms, you can choose the Cordova CLI version that you want to use. 

    You shouldn't need to worry about CocoaPods at this point.

    Lastly, to add the Urban Airship Plugin to your project, simply click on the tab title "Plugins", and choose the "Custom" tab in that section.

    It will ask you to choose to install a plugin from a git resource.

    For that URL, simply enter in, and Visual Studio should take care of the rest of the steps of downloading/adding the plugin to your project.

    Once you're past that, then you should be able to continue with the rest of the steps outlined in our docs.

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