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Rich Media PUSH not working

David Ellner

We've implemented iOS10 rich PUSH but rich media push is not working - it worked a few weeks ago in testing. Now its not working in test or production.

We've double checked that the notification service extension is set up correctly. 

What should we check to see if the notification service is actually doing its thing - it would seem to us as if it is not doing its thing. 


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Sigh. The AirshipAppExtensions framework was not being linked. We ran "pod install" on a lark, and it modified the xconfig files files for the notification extension. When we compared the changes to the previous version, we noticed that the AirshipAppExtensions framework as not being linked.

Problem solved.

David Ellner 0 votes
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Sorry about the frustration, but I'm glad to hear that things have been worked out. Please let me know what more we can do here.

Aaron S. 0 votes
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