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Want to use a parameterized Message in Push Notifications

Manish Shet

I have started with the integration process and plan to use Custom Events which will be sent from my cloud server using the Urban Airship REST API. I also want to create Automations through the Urban Airship Dashboard which will be triggered once a previously mentioned custom event is received by Urban Airship. My requirement is the Push Notification message needs to be configurable based on an Event parameter received dynamically and not a static string. That is we need the capability to parameterize the Message in Push Notifications with the parameters picked up from an event which happened recently. Please let me know how it is possible through the Urban Airship Dashboard. What are the different options available,

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Hi Manish,

Unfortunately at this time, it is not possible to create Automations in your Urban Airship dashboard and include parameters related to user information in those messages.

However, we are working on expanding our content personalization over time and are working on it as we speak.

In the meantime, your options would be to use our Push API and/or our Templates API to send along parameterized push notifications.

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