Application doesn't receive push notifications after update production key.



We update our application APNS production key (.p12 file) and our application doesn't receive push notifications anymore,do you know if there is any additional step to update the APNS push certificate?.

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  • Hi Pruebas-

    Thanks for positing your additional question about not receiving push in your app after updating your push certificate.  It sounds like there may be a mismatch in your provisioning.

    Similar to our suggestions in your other post, these guides will be helpful for you to walk through to make sure that you have aligned your production and development mode apps with the correct app keys and push certificate.

    About Development and Production App Environments

    How to fix your iOS Production app if it was submitted to Apple with inProduction flag set to NO

    iOS Production Launch Checklist

    Thank you,


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  • Hi Pruebas,

    I took a look at your app, and there appears to be quite a number of Rejected Device Tokens in your Error Console.

    You can get to your Error Console for your app by clicking on "Error Console" located in the lower right-hand corner of the screen. This will show you any errors your app has encountered when sending a push or any information relating to your certificate.

    In this case, it looks like there might have been a change to your Bundle ID or Certificate that caused a mismatch between what Apple is expecting and what was sent.

    That said, it should be relatively easy to resolve.

    Please take a look through our Rejected Device Token guide for steps on how to troubleshoot and fix this particular problem.

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