Crash when refreshing Message Center

Using the default message center (ie. [[UAirship defaultMessageCenter] display]; ) I get an assert because the SDK is attempting to use UIKIT on a non-main thread.

Specifically, in UADefaultMessageCenterListViewController.refreshStateChanged - lines 226 through 233 use UIKit and core animation on a non-main thread.

To fix this in my app, I added a dispatch_async to mainThread before calling refreshStateChanged. in retrieveMessageListWithSuccessBlock:withFailureBlock:


Is there a better way to fix this? Are you aware of the problem?


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  • Hi David,

    I can't say for certain whether or not this is known problem. 

    If you would, would you be able to create a Support ticket with our Support team? We'll ask for some additional information from you so we can investigate the issue you're running into.


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