Cannot select platforms

Hi, I'm fully new to Urban Airship.

I tried to get started to make first project on iOS.

I chose to make mobile app, and reached an page on the image below.

I cannot select platform, and I get an error as you can see the image below.

How to fix this? It's a problem on me?

My account is Enterprise Edition


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  • Hello,

    When you created your account, did you set up push services for either iOS or Android? You might be unable to select a platform when creating a project if you haven't. I'll include links below that walk you through the set up process for APNS, Apple's push notification service, and FCM/GCM, Google's push notification service:

    I hope this helps. Please let me know if you have already set up these services and I will investigate this behavior further.

  • Thank you for your reply, and I did steps I can.

    Whenever I try to do  Urban Airship web application, I reach a page below, not shown in, and at last I reach an page I submitted before


    I cannot see below page


  • Hello,

    It appears you can't set up a web application because your account isn't enabled to use Web Notify. There is no billing plan in place and you aren't entitled to use any of our products. How did you set up your account?


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