Urban Airship Config not saved on Unity

UA unity plugin : 3.3.1 / 4.0.0
Unity : 5.6.1f1


Whenever I'm adding the Urban Airship config in Unity it is not saving the config whether I'm on my game project or a default project. Therefore, when I do the Android build I get the prompt saying that Urban Airship is not configured and it tells me to configure it.

Thank you for the support

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  • Hi mobeaupre,

    When you mention you are adding the Urban Airship config, are you following the process that is outlined in our documentation for Setting up Unity for your app?.

    You should not need to add an extra file to your project, instead you should be able to configure this directly through the Unity interface and hit the "Save" button to save those changes.

    Would you be able to confirm if that is the case for your app?

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  • Oh I see, the window was opened but too small in height so that's why I didn't see the Save button. Thank you

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  • No problem!

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