Trying to use named users with the message sender fails, on investigation because is giving a 404 error

We are trying to test sending targeted messages to named users.
We've enabled client naming and sent an appropriate update from the client.
However when we try and send a targeted message we cannot see any named users.
When I try it in Firefox with debug enabled I can see I am getting 404 errors when the Urban Airship front end tries to execute


This looks like a problem with the Urban Airship back end to me.


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  • Steve,

    It looks like you're trying to send API requests through your browser, is that correct?

    If so, generally internet browser are not a good medium for sending/receiving Rest API requests. Doing so may result in unexpected results and errors.

    Instead, you may try sending your requests through cURL or a program like Postman that is specifically designed to send and receive API requests.

    We also have Example API Requests that may help if you're performing these requests in other languages or any one of our Engage Server Libraries designed to hook up to the Urban Airship API.


  • No the API requests are being made through the iOS SDK, and are working fine.

    The example URL I sent you came from your code on your backend when I ran it in Firefox with the Debug console open.
    It’s the front end website that is blocking me from seeing named users in the search, because the api for named users is giving a 404 error.
    If you try it you will see the problem.

  • Steve,

    Are you talking specifically about this page?

    I'm able to see that page and search for the Named User correctly.

    As far as that Named User API endpoint is concerned, what was the request that you made to that endpoint that resulted in a 404 error? If I can see the full GET request, that might help us figure out what's going on.



  • No I’m referring to the search bar In the create message page when you “Target specific users” and use the search bar to try and locate a specific named user.
    Attached is a screenshot showing the page and the Firefox debug output.
    You can see the 404 error, and the search spinner never stops.

  • Steve,

    The Named User search will need the full Named User in the search bar. Since your Named User starts with a number, the search treats that as a Urban Airship Channel Id as well, which also begins with numbers, hence why it cannot find the appropriate device.

    Once you enter in the full Named User, you should see it pop up correctly.

  • Ah, I see. I thought it allowed you to type only part of the named user, so you could match a number of them at a time. I didn't realise you had to enter the full name for the user. That explains it now.

    Thanks for your clarification.


  • No problem!


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