Reports not showing events


Here's the code.   analytics is enabled on startup, this is just a redundant check and

None of these events are making it into the report.

// Urban Airship event test SUT Search

    BOOL analyticsEnabled = [UAirship shared].analytics.enabled;


    if( !analyticsEnabled ) {

        [UAirship shared].analytics.enabled = true;



    UACustomEvent *event0 = [UACustomEvent eventWithName:@"searches_made"];

    UACustomEvent *event1 = [UACustomEvent eventWithName:@"searchedFor" valueFromString:searchQuery];


    // Track it

    [event0 track];

    [event1 track];


    // Record the event

    [[UAirship shared].analytics addEvent:event0];

    [[UAirship shared].analytics addEvent:event1];


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  • Hello,

    This is Sean with Urban Airship Technical Support.

    What is the context that this code is running in?

    Or which file or class contains the custom event code you shared above?

    Thank you,
    Sean Conlin
    Urban Airship Technical Support
    Portland, Oregon

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