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Test Flight iOS is not receiving complete information in the notifications.

Daniel Aspuru


I am testing UA with the Test Flight App in three devices: 1 Android and 2 iOS Devices (iPhone 4s iOS 9.3 and iPhone 5 with iOS 10). However, a simple notification arrives fine to Android and iOS, but a "Landing Page" or "URL" type notification is not showing up in any of the iOS Devices. The notification arrives to the phone, however the Landing Page neither the URL shows in the App, I just see the home screen.

¿What can be the problem?


Official comment


Hi Daniel,


The 1st Flight App does not support our entire feature set, it is merely meant to show off a working notification integration. For a full example of our features, please check out our iOS Sample App and our Android Sample App.

The setup is more involved, but these apps will work with every feature provided your account is enabled for it.

Thank you,
Sean Conlin
Urban Airship Technical Support
Portland, Oregon

Sean Conlin

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