Why don't In-App or message Center messages appear for opt-out devices?

The documentation appears to say that In-App messages and Message Center messages are delivered to users who opt-out of PUSH notifications. 

In my tests, this is not the case. I call takeOff on every launch. But when I install my app and opt-out of PUSH notifications, no message center or in-app messages appear. 

Is there something special we have to do in the app, or in the UA Dash when we construct the messages so they appear for opt-out users? 

Please advise. 


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  • Hey, I actually found the problem with In-App messages, my receivedForegroundNotification:completionHandler: method was not calling the completionHandler in all cases. 

    In addition, Message Center messages seem to be appearing now for opted-out devices also. Awesome. 

    So basically, a big Nevermind and thanks anyway, sorry to bother you. Have a nice day. 

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