identify inactive ios and android channels

 Hi, I have a requirement to get list of inactive ios and andriod channels and clean up my database.

What I found is there's a feedback service which gives inactive device tokens. 

GET /api/device_tokens/feedback/?since=(timestamp)

But I'm storing ios channels in my database and can not delete inactive channels as I don't have device tokens for those channels.

I don't see any api service that will give me a device token based on ios channel id.

Is there any way to get a list of inactive ios and andriod channels ?

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  • Ok so for android channel it's all good as I get the android channel id in apid field of feedback api.

    But still having problem of identifying invalid ios channels from device tokens.

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  • Hi Barnali,

    Unfortunately, the Feedback API for iOS devices only returns Device Tokens at the moment, and we are working to have this endpoint return Channel IDs.

    In the meantime, however, you can use the Channel Listing API endpoint to list all of your Channel IDs and the respective Device Tokens, such that you can line up the Device Token from the feedback API to the Channel Listing.

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  • HI Team, 


    Is the Feedback API still available ? 

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